Make your efforts functionally integrated for growth

R/GA has reinvented itself again, as they do every 9 years, based upon a notion of a functional integration business model. R/GA : The Next 9 Years

The evolution of business models through the 20th Century have taken us all thru horizontal integration, and eventually vertical integration. There is a new growth model that has been emerging over the past couple decades in the 21st Century. There is now a connected, tied-together integration of products that are related to one another, and other things. The network effect of technology and media are driving the fastest growing products and services with this new functional integration. Companies like Nike, Google, Apple, and even BMW have moved away from horizontal and vertical integration toward this new model by developing related and connected products and services that provide additional value to their customers who own the entire ecosystem. This is a new way for companies to think about their products and services, and also a paradigm shift for designers who support the development of new products and services.


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